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4 Branches, Trunk & Earth

From the foliage down to the ground: branches, trunk and bark, and the earth mound.

There are many ways of treating bark and earth, all essentially texturing the surface: here is a relatively simple approach.


| 24 July 2013 12:01

Randy - What woods ARE good outside? That's the first question, which is not one specific to woodcarving. And then, which of these will carve the detail? - and that is. Teak, or Teak family such as Iroko; or Brazilian Mahogany would answer for both. I'd soak the carving in linseed oil to preserve it, which you then freshen up in Spring and Autumn. A polyurethane varnish, while only a surface skin, could work too. Best of luck. Don't forget to send Carrie a picture when you've finished!

| 22 July 2013 19:01

Hi Chris; I'm considering doing this project for exterior use, to be placed near the front door of a home with the name of the home on the banner. Can you suggest: (1) what wood(s) might be good for exterior use and (2) what a good finish might be for protecting the project from the elements. Many thanks.

| 13 August 2012 20:42

Stella - Unless I say otherwise, you can assume I'm using regular-size, two-handed carving tools, and I'm working with the grips I show you in the 'Grip Series' (under 'Tools). In the picture above, I'm using the 'high angle' grip. I only have a few palm tools and use them mostly for 'backing off' - although I use a knife in this project, in the next lesson. Thank you for the kind comments! I'll ask Carrie to film more of 'both hands working' in the future, as you suggest - that's a good suggestion!

| 13 August 2012 19:15

Chris, are you using mostly palm tools for this project? Because I cant' see. As a beginner, I would like to see how both your hand are working. Here I can see only one hand and I cant' see how the other hand is pushing. I take the chance to thank you and say that I admire the way you explain. Even though my english are not very good, I can understand almost everything because you use a very good body (hand) language. And you talk so clearly and expressively. Thank you very much indeed. I look forward to learn and adopt carving.

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