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1 Design

I think these clouds are a perfect example of woodcarving: our gouges fit the design and the form so efficiently. But what really blows me away is that everything I'm doing here owes itself to original carvings created in AD 1053! 

At that time, Japan already had a sophisticated tradition of carving, one that continued for some centuries. In 1053, master carver, Jocho, had finished creating a whole series of bodhisattva figures seated or standing on clouds in the Byodo-In temple, Kyoto, Japan (in what is now called the Phoenix Hall).

Jocho is without doubt one of the greatest woodcarvers that ever lived and it's a great privilege to sample just a little of his work. The originals are fully 3 dimensional; here we just play in high relief.

The way of the clouds is a brilliant, very adaptable design; I used it in my 'Lark Ascending' music stand, which you can see on my own website here, and a grave marker, which you can see here. I'd encourage you to design and make your own clouds. Cover your wall! 

Wood: Before choosing your wood, do read my story and advice below the last video in the series. Dimensions appear in the working drawing download below.

The Book is actually a catalogue for a 1982 exhibition of the same name at the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth and at the Japan House Gallery, New York:

    The Great Age of Japanese Buddhist Sculpture AD 600-1300
    Nishikawa Kyotaro and Emily J. Sano
    Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth.
    Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number:82-82805
    ISBNs: Cloth 0-912804-07-6; Paper: 0-912804-08-4
Subscriber download: Japanese Clouds - Working Drawing and Tool List
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