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5 Plant or Vase Holder

You can of course use straight runs of gadroon moulding to make a mirror frame or decorate the edge of a table. I  love the way gadroons look as the moulding curves round and I made my holder to fit a particular vase. I suggest you get this first! 

I don't want to spoon-feed you this project. You've practised; you know the profile you like and the tools you need to cut the gadroons; so this is basis for the turning. You'll need a bit of calculating - good for the brain! - and you'll see the way I worked in the video. Once you have your diameter, you can measure and divide up the circumference.

A word of warning: Don't step off the width of the gadroons with dividers. The 'accumulation of errors' means that if you are, say, 1/32in. (1mm) out on the width, by the time you've stepped off 20 you'll be 20/32in. (2cm) out!

Holding: I used a 'Jerry-Rig' work positioner. I don't have any investment in recommending it, but it works very well here and allows me to get at the project every which way. Search for a supplier online.

Subscriber download: Gadroon Moulding - notes


| 30 July 2018 17:21

Pete - That's such a great story, it should be true!

| 29 July 2018 14:58

Lovely job Chris. The wonderful word Gadroon always reminds me of my long dead father. As an Officer in the Hussars he always joked with us that it was a slightly drunk Colonel he once knew describing his days in the Dragoons that gave the name to this drunken moulding.

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