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3 Rounding Over

This is a great exercise in working with wood grain!

You can see how being able to adjust the way you hold the piece of moulding wood makes the various moves a lot easier. Also, see how I use the sweep of the gouge to create the convex form of the gadroon. The tidier you can do this, the less sanding you'll need to smooth and polish up the surfaces. 

As with all mouldings, repeating the cut as you move from 'unit' to unit will give you more consistency than finishing one unit at at time with a mixture of tools and cuts.

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| 25 June 2020 17:40

Thanks Chris

I have checked the tools which are nice and sharp but I think I am mashing the grain by going over the joint again and again. So now its deep breath, calm approach and the tip on cutting just below the surface is doing the trick. Hope to be in the UK soon and will get a couple of short bent chisels, the video really helped. many thanks


| 18 June 2020 15:08

Richard - If I understand you right, your problem is cleaning up narrow recesses along the grain? That's always tricky. Your word 'mashed' sounds as if you are worrying the cuts rather than being precise and clear. You need your stab cuts to be definitive, preferably slicing, and cutting neatly through the fibres into the wood a little below the final surface. Then you lead the clearing out cuts up to these - and the waste should fall away.
You also need to make sure your tools are really sharp. Go as much with the lie of the grain as possible, and think about narrow 'shortbent skew chisels' (search box, top left).

| 17 June 2020 12:23

Hi Chris
I have just finished a piece of coving approx 2.5 inches wide, repeating olive leafs and berries pattern on it. The leafs naturally run along the grain and are quite narrow. I am struggling to clean up the acute angles between leafs which become mashed and fibrous as I attempt to clean them due to the grain direction. Have you any tips on how to clean out these narrow leaf junctions, and also the places where they meet the grounded wood base?
many thanks Richard

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