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2 The Roll

Between the scrolling ends of the paper is a long tube-like roll which we'll shape before turning to the ends themselves.

If you look at the Apple Exercise videos, you'll find the same use of the midline high spots and 'feeling for the form'. And you'll see here that, rather than make the roll uniformly cylindrical, I give it a bit of pizzazz.

If you'd like to modify your skew chisel to look like the one I'm using here, there's a lesson: Modifying Skew Chisels.

Subscriber download: Cartouche Working Drawings (PDF)


| 20 August 2015 17:24

Pete - You're right, control of the tool is the thing. In other carvings I've certainly covered areas in a few seconds that would be a pain to repair if I made a false cut.Even thick cardboard will do. So, if it gives you more confidence, then why not? Thanks for sharing that thought!

| 20 August 2015 15:51

Hi Chris Great piece. I appreciate its all about control, and I am certainly all for that, but, when ever I'm doing something similar when making furniture I have endless bits of 3mm MDF that I use to protect surfaces I really do not want to scratch or dig into. Would it not be a good ruse to tape a piece on to the flat 'sign board' section when rounding over with the gouge as you do? Just an idea.

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