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1 Preparation

A special sign for the Ornamental Carver's workshop? This would do it.

A cartouche is usually an oval or rectangular area, most often with an inscription, and surrounded by what looks like the ends of scrolled up paper. Indeed the word 'cartouche' has the same French root for paper, as in 'à la carte' or 'cartridge'.

The scrolls themselves are the challenging bit of the carving because you'll be working into end grain. We'll sneak up on the whole thing as usual, starting with this lesson in which I'll look at the working drawing and an efficient way of gluing up the wood.

For subscribing members, below is my working drawing & tool list for the Cartouche Project. You'll also find a second, more complicated cartouche that I didn't carve but is yours to have a go at!

Subscriber download: Cartouche Working Drawings (PDF)


| 20 August 2015 13:06

Smart way to save waste of wood in carving

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