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1 Laying Out

Mostly we carve letters on a flat surface and in a straight line. Curved surfaces and rising letters complicate matters and add more of a challengeso let's have a go!

We have 3 problems: laying out the spiralling header and footer lines; a curved surface to cut into; and the changing angle of the grain.

The carving itself is more or less the same as normal but the layout needs more care; the angle at which the text ascends makes a big difference. Remember, laying out can take a lot longer than actually incising. In this lesson I go through the layout step by step and show you a simple way of holding this sort of work.

It should be clear that our lettering is meant to be decorative; it's large and you can't read it without turning the candlestick around. Nevertheless it's a beautiful phrase, 'Light in Time of Darkness', which comes from a song by the Incredible String Band, way back... 

The download includes my layout but, as always, I'd encourage you to design your own candlestick. And let's see it in the Members Gallery! 

Subscriber download: Lettered Candlestick


| 25 June 2018 14:58

The sash-cramp for holding the candle is brilliant. I'm currently carving 4 old oak table legs that are tapered and this system holds them perfectly. I've found that fixing a piece of wood on both sides of the sash means it is easier to center the work piece as it gives a broader platform for square pieces of wood.

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