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7 Daffodil - 2

My letter has a daffodil. The one you design is very likely to have something else. So as you watch this project and what I'm doing, try to get a sense of the process and the order in which I'm doing things.

What's really important to understand is that: it's not about a daffodil!

I don't have any special way of carving a daffodil or, for that matter, any ornamental letter. What I do have are a smallish number of transferable carving skills and a sense of the order in which to apply them. Eventually after lots of practice, these have become second nature and I can now focus more on the 'artistic' side of what I'm doing. But the bottom line is still those transferable skills and process.

So, as you come to your own projects, think about these points and try to feel for the step-by-step process in this project, and every other on the site.

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