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4 Lowering the Background

Here is a methodical and quick way of removing the background waste. Here's a really important point: besides simply lowering the background, you are preparing the surface for the next step.

Of course, you could quite reasonably use a router here but it's good practice for the day your surface is curved - for example on the ouside of a bowl, for which this sort of design is highly suitable.


| 09 June 2011 18:09

As I recall, I lowered the ground here in short strokes across the grain as elsewhere. (It really helps with a short cut to rotate the blade so you slice as you cut.) However I probably finished in the direction of the grain in the section you mention, working WITH the grain because the area was so tight.

| 03 June 2011 17:16

Love the lesson but would have loved to see the lowering between the top stright arm and the radius of the 5, the most narrow part. Did you lower against the grain?

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