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2 Practice

Practice makes... what?

Well, not perfect that's for sure - and who wants that anyway? - but familiar, comfortable; so we can do what we want to do in a relaxed way.

In this lesson, I've found a similar piece of wood with the same surface texture and carve a couple of letters using the same lettering style and approach with the grain running vertically along the uprights.


| 23 March 2020 09:54

Hi David - I don't have a specific book to recommend. But what I would suggest is that you keep working at one font (alphabet) such as this one, until you are really easy with it. Seriously, until you really have it under you belt. You will than have all the techniques you need.
Then start looking around and apply what you've learned. There are he numbers of fonts online and elsewhere (try 'free fonts download' sort of thing).
Pick just a couple of letters from the alphabet to try. I think, B and O will give you a very good sense of whether it's a good one to carve and whether you like it.
Last thought: There are some truly awful fonts out there. You want one at both carves readily and suits the job you have in hand.

| 22 March 2020 16:22

Chris is there one particular book you would recommend for letter fonts and patterns?

| 23 November 2014 21:30

Margaret - I demonstrated at the The Cyprus Woodlovers Society this summer! There are quite a few carvers among them who might offer support. Check them out on Facebook:

| 20 November 2014 09:20

Many thanks this was so interesting for me as I have done all my projects outdoors in Cyprus and it brings back lovely memories. As I have just returned to live in the UK I am looking forward to getting myself set up with tools and bench to carry on with your course. Chris your explanation is so clear, I can't wait to get started. My projects eg. Wood chest and mirror were a labour of love. It would be great if you had group lessons at any time, as it is so nice to get to know people who have the same love for woodcarving. Margaret Turgut Cyprus/UK

| 18 November 2014 23:38

Thank you, Chris. Your explanation is always excellent and every move you made "correctly" cannot be over emphasized for doing the letters correctly. I have a reasonable understanding of lettering as I have previously been a professional calligrapher for over thirty years and taught it at the university level for a number of years. Thank YOU for your explanation! It is excellent! Wood carving is new to me as I have done lettering on everything from parchment to glass and steel. Don Tate Utah/USA

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