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1 Introduction

Lettering in a garden - or anywhere for that matter - can serve many purposes, one of which is just to remind you of something profound. And thus this post.

The post is 7 x 7in. (180 x180mm) and stands 10ft. (3.50m) out of the ground. Distributed around the four sides is the text: 'This Moment/Never/Again/Never' - a reference to a poem by Kathleen Raine and reminding Carrie and me to appreciate the astonishing fact of just being here.

It also serves as a perch for the local wren that sits and sings loudly from the top every evening!

In this video I thought you'd like to see the 'Kinnersley Trail' of posts that I carved in 2007 as part of an arts project in a local village. From a carver's point of view, the interesting thing about these posts is that the letters are assembled vertically. This is the opposite of how they were 'designed' by the Romans so not only do we have interesting issues of layout but also dealing with the wood grain, which almost always is orientated horizontally.

There is no download for these lessons. For more about lettering in wood, rummage through the directory on the left.

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