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1 - Getting-Started

This project is in 2 parts: carving the rabbit, flower and mole frieze along the top; and carving the low relief lettering itself. If you want to fast forward to the lettering, then it's the last 2-3 lessons. 

The design is for the bedroom of little Freya. Who else? - but actually this sign would also work well in other contexts, a house sign for example. A nice feature of the frieze is the absence of background. This saves a lot of work; we only need to do a little tidying up from the back.

The wood: I know some members have a problem finding wood to carve so I thought this time I'd have a go on one of those readily-available chopping boards that you'll find in a home store. The board is made of Hevea, a tree from the rubber family (this one from Thailand); a wood that's quite commonly used for this sort of purpose. It was a bit brittle but, as you can see, with a little care carved quite well. Go for tight grain and as heavy a board as possible.

A lot of chopping and bread boards are made from kiln-dried Beech or Maple. These are physically very hard woods to carve so not the best choice for carving.

Colour: Most of these boards are jointed from narrower pieces. Look for the most uniform colour. Have a look at the very end of the final video in this project for how I sited our design in relation to the wood colour of the board.

Subscriber download: Childs Room Sign Working Drawing


| 21 March 2017 09:40

Beth - What's that expression about 'cutting the cloth to suit the clothes', or something like that? I think smaller might even be cuter...
You could reduce the size of the animals bit, lose some of the space either side of them and pull everything together in the middle to get everything in. Then see what space you have below and adjust your letters to fit?

Let's see it in the gallery!

| 21 March 2017 01:16

Chris, I like the sound of this project. I am wondering if you think a 13" by 9" piece of wood is too small for the detail.

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