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7 - Lining in

If you are reading this in the Lettercarving section of Woodcarving Workshops and want to know about carving the Rabbit and Mole frieze: Look to the directory on the left > Relief Projects > Child's Room Sign.

We turn now to the lettering: looking at the font I used, the layout and the lining in. I've made a few notes under the next video in the series about looking elsewhere on this site for more about the techniques we are using here.


| 12 April 2018 17:28

Brian - I made the letters up! When you do that, the most important thing is to get the letters looking like they are related, in other words an alphabet. So here for example the F and E have resemblance.
How about taking those few letters above as a starting point and work up a whole alphabet from them?

| 12 April 2018 01:08

Chris: what is the font style that you used for this project? I tried to find it on the internet but couldn't find it.

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