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2 Bosting the Head

Here's a really important thought: Drawing is not carving. Your working drawing (say, from the download of this project) is just a starting point, a 2-dimensional outline. Your carving is 3 dimensional with an infinite number of outlines.

What you need to do is absorb your photographs and research materia. Hold the thoughts in your mind; turn to the wood and feel the form beneath. Really try and visualise it. Then remove wood, heading in that direction and feeling for the form, the shape, with your carving tools.

Really early days here but, right from the start, look for that hare in the wood as you start bosting in those main underlying shapes.

Carvers Screw: Videos > Techniques > Holding Your Works > Carvers Screws

Subscriber download: Hare - Working drawings, photos and tool list


| 13 December 2018 17:11

David - Do you mean allongee and regular (parallel-sided) gouges?
I like the allongees because they are a little lighter, but will happily use the regular ones. It's what I have to hand really!

| 13 December 2018 16:06

I notice that you use both short and long shank gouges. Could you give some insight into that selection?

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