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1 Starting Block

The idea for this project came when I found a small hare's head sculpture in bronze, the ears of which were actually coat hooks - I show it in the lesson. I didn't much like the shape of the hare's head as such, definitely not the type we have in the fields where I live, but I thought the ears looked stupendous!

Preparation: Yes. Preparation is crucial. You need to know what your hare looks like. You need confidence.

Have a look at this lesson: Videos > Techniques > Preparation

I trusted I had enough information without making a model but if you feel unsure after your research, I'd encourage you to make one in clay or Plastilene.

Wood: I used Limewood (tilia spp) for the usual reasons that it show up the lights and shadows of a form very well and our hare, carved as we do it here, is nothing less than a sculptural form. A light brown wood such as Oak would look great too.

Glue Up: The glueing up was a little unusual. I had a long square-sectioned length to begin with and the glueing needed to be in 2 stages. Glueing up has always been common practice with carvers, saving on wood for a start. The trick it to make it as inconspicuous as you can while bearing in mind grain strength.

That Book: 'The Hare' by Jill Mason. Pub: Merlin Unwin Books (2005) ISBN-10: 1873674813; ISBN-13: 978-1873674819

Subscriber download: Hare - Working drawings, photos and tool list
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