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5 Refining Sides

Let's call this a third pass: deepening the valleys and introducing more shadows.

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| 26 September 2020 15:13

Thank you so much Chris and Seajay. You're really on the ball. I just love being here watching real Professionals doing what they so obviously love doing. I'm a bit of a fanatic myself I am told. I'm in my seventies but am in my workshop seven days a week enjoying what I do and hope to for ever.
Great stuff Chris and Co Thanks a bunch

| 26 September 2020 08:02

Pete - I've now found the missing second half of the video (under the bench) and added it. So all is complete now.
Thanks again for the heads up; we always want everything to work properly!

| 26 September 2020 05:47

Pete - Yes it does, doesn't it. I'm pretty sure that's not how we would have left it when we made the video a while ago. (We make them in advance of when they are published, and when they 'go up' I only feel the need the check to see if they are working.)
Thanks for spotting and reporting it; I'll look into it asap.

| 25 September 2020 18:18

Hi Chris did I miss something or does this video cut short? You are talking about "Coming down here a bit" then it just ends!

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