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6 Finishing

I don't think a shiny finish works on 'fabric', such as this bow tie, so I decided against my normal beeswax finish as being a bit too reflective.

I used a product called an 'oil-wax' - I'll put details in the download. This gives a slightly polished finish that doesn't bring out the figuring. Alternatively, I could have used an artist's acrylic varnish with a matt/satin finish. And then again I was tempted to leave the wood without any finish at all, just finely sanded then vigorously polished with a clean cloth.

I butchered that cheap and rather nasty bow tie from workshop #1for the strap. I thought of other methods of attaching to my neck - don't ask! - but this tie was so cheap that if nothing else it saved me having to work anything else out.

If you have any other ideas, let's hear them below.

And let's see some bow ties in the Members Gallery!

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| 06 June 2019 08:26

Pete - Sorry, you're not invited!
Thanks for the thought on oil-wax. I never stain my work so would be a bit leery about using the coloured ones. Whatever, for others reading this, the really important thing is to experiment on spare wood first!

| 04 June 2019 15:24

Very Dapper Chris!! When is the wedding?
Talking of Wax Oil, (I have yet to look in the download) Over here in France I buy Liberon which I am sure is available in UK. I only buy 'incolor' which is absolutely clear and just about as colourless as it's possible to get. It is available in various shades of Oak and Cherry and, probably Walnut, but, I've not seen any. You can leave it virtually flat matt or burnish it to a lovely soft sheen. Almost all the furniture I make or carve is finished with it, usually three coats is enough. Unless, of course, it has to have a heat or particular wear resistance. Then I use the usual solvent type polishes etc.
Great project.

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