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5 Refining

Now we tighten everything up, undercut the finished edges and sand to a finish.

Sanding: As you know from the projects on Woodcarving Workshops, my way of working is to leave cavings 'straight from the chisel' - fresh from the cutting edge' and this has given rise to comments like, 'You don't believe in sanding!' But sanding isn't a moral issue, just a way of finishing a surface. And a choice.

For me, almost always the edge way is the preferable way both of working and of a surface finish. Sometimes, however, it's entirely appropriate to sand a surface egg smooth. For the bow tie, I found sanding brought out the subtle figuring and softened the surfaces into a more cloth-like look.

I'd like to suggest, however, that you finish off the tie by making the effort to smooth over the bow tie with flat gouges to give a lightly facetted effect. See what that looks like. Or, again, after the 'faceting' but before sanding, you might like to try scraping the wood. See what that looks like. Either of these finishes might be just right. If nothing else, you'll find subsequent sanding much quicker.

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