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4 Finishing

When all the forms and underlying modelling is in place you move into a detailing and finishing phase.

As I said earlier, it was never my intention to make an elaborate carving, rather just demonstrate how the 3D registration works, so there isn't too much to do and most other projects on this site will show more.

The idea of carving cleanly as you go along is really important. And there's a nice swapping of hands around the 5:00 mark.

Subscriber download: 3D Registration - Bird Drawing


| 08 March 2019 11:29

Thanks !!

| 08 March 2019 10:57

Daniele - It's called a 'patternmakers vice'. It mounts on the top of the bench and very useful for certain types of work. I use it in the Koi Carp project part 5 too.
Dictum Tools, which are in Germany, are the best European suppliers I know of. They are very good at shipping anywhere. If you to their site ( and put either in the name or 705755 into the search box, you'll find it.

| 06 March 2019 11:25

I saw in this video your green vise: I would like to buy it (I am from Italy).
Can you help me telling me where I can buy this vise?
Thanks a lot for now

| 20 February 2019 09:57

I was recently asked to produce a carved elephant for which I did not have an image.

I purchased a small cheap porcelain model from Amazon. I then photographed it in
Front View, End View and Plan, transferred to my computer and enlarged it a suitable
size. These were then pasted them onto the wood and then band sawed to shape.

I have been using this process for years and always considered it to be cheating.

Best regards and keep up the good work,

Victor Bayley

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