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2-2 Straight from the Tool

It's an idea, but also the way that I carve: efficient and individual.

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| 29 January 2024 23:23

I have switched from Safari to Google browser and the videos are working perfectly! I am so thankful for learning so much from a master carver.

| 29 January 2024 09:02

Clarissa - Our experience is that, when this happens, it's not been a problem 'our end' but, rather, 'downstream' at the user's.

Try these fixes:

1. Empty your computer's cache (reload/refresh/clear history etc); this helps more often than not.
2. Try again at a different time. We don't use the vast number of servers that Google/or YouTube has and are a little susceptible to heavy internet traffic.
3. Make sure you have the most recent edition of FlashPlayer (pc) or equivalent (mac), which is necessary to play the videos on the site.
4. Also that you are updated to a modern internet browser.

I've takes this advice from our FAQ page. Do check that out for more thoughts.

| 27 January 2024 22:30

Videos are not streaming well. Sound is okay but image is frozen.??? Hope it can be fixed :) thanks.

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