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2-1 Transferable Skills

This idea could revolutionise how you think about learning to carve. It's my big secret and I'll tell you right at the start!

Don't forget to get download supplementing this course - link below, or from the Members Downloads page.

Suggested Reading:

I strongly recommend my book Relief Carving in Wood, A Practical Course (2019), which you can get from Amazon UKAmazon USAEcho Point PublishingClassic Hand Tools (UK) and many other bookshops.

And don't just read it! This book really is a practical course and the result of years of instructing - actually do it after, or in conjunction with, what you are doing here! You'll find your understanding of the carving process and ability with woodcarving tools will make a quantum leap. 

Subscriber download: Our Beginners Course - download


| 17 August 2019 20:22

Jane - Really glad to hear that you are enjoying the site!
By the way, there's nothing wrong with a 'snail's pace'. Walk, wobble, run, whatever - but don't stop! Persistence is one of the best qualities a carver can have. Step by step, intelligent, practice and - for a lover of wood like you - the craft is yours.
Looking forward to seeing what you carve in the Members Gallery!

| 17 August 2019 02:40

I've just downloaded the beginners course, after having viewed quite a few other videos. Mostly, I revisit the Sharpening videos, and I'm determined to eventually learn how to achieve a fine edge.
Thank you for creating the site. Listening and viewing your step- by- step approach, gives me the encouragement to keep going and to make more exacting cuts ...your precision is truly masterful and a pleasure to witness.
I so enjoy working with wood, and I am fortunate to have some yellow cedar from British Columbia ( My husband has planted trees there for many years, and often brings some home for carving.) Tho' I work at a snails pace, I will send a picture, sometime,of a carving.

| 13 February 2019 08:44

Lawrence - The first thing to do is to check the FAQ page, for which you'll see a link at the top of this one. You'll find all sorts of information about browsers, ad-blockers, cache emptying and so on, which cover almost all the problems subscribers face when viewing videos.

If the problems continue, the next best thing is to write to us using the contact page (bottom of this page or through 'About') and we'll see what else we can do to help.

| 12 February 2019 17:27

I became a member less than a week ago and enjoyed the videos for the first few days. Now I cannot access the videos.
Grateful for your help.

| 08 July 2016 16:34

James - Thanks for catching that. Now added. BTW You can always find downloads on the About > Download section.

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