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Scratch Stocks

This a really old and very simple idea. Mostly these days, profiling wood (making a moulding) is done with a router. However, for very small or narrow work, or where the moulding is in a difficult place to get at, the scratch stock comes into it's own.

Scratch stocks are quite quick to make and cost almost nothing, and it's surprising what they can accomplish. In this lesson I'm talking about a small 'reed' or 'bead' type of moulding but they can handle larger profiles.

Is it carving? I think it comes under our curtilage, even if it's more akin to scraping.




| 18 December 2022 01:16

Thanks for getting back. No further need, as I have overlooked part of the video.

| 18 July 2021 13:15

William - I'm not sure what you are asking when you say, 'a bevel like a saw tooth'. Please say a bit more...

| 17 July 2021 21:21

Good to learn of this. The video did not show closeup of the shape of the cutting tool, how to tune it. For example, does one incorporate a bevel like a saw tooth?

| 06 September 2018 12:16

Warren - Look at the FAQ section (top bar): there's a lot of technical help and advice to be had there. Our experience is that the problem has almost always been at the user's end, rather than the website or streaming.

| 05 September 2018 02:11

Hi There! I just signed up and started watching the beginning carving. I’m having a problem watching your videos: they keep stopping and recycling for some reason, and then I stopped completely. Perhaps you can help me figure out what’s wrong here? Thank you - Warren Tracy

| 16 September 2017 13:29

Karen - Not sure I quite understand the question but perhaps this helps?
The bit that makes the shape in the wood is the bit which sticks out. So it's that working end you need to shape. I generally use thin metal, such as an old hacksaw blade, as this is easy to shape and grip in the scratchstock - I've never used old scissors etc for this purpose (though I have for general scrapers) but they should work as long as you can grip the metal firmly in the stock itself.
I think you'd find the whole job easier if you even buy a hacksaw blade!

| 13 September 2017 21:47

Chris, if you use a blade from a pair of scissors or say an old shaving razor where the metal is tapered would you have to make that shape onto the wood?

| 16 August 2017 23:55

Karen - Any scrap of hardwood will do: beech, birch, oak etc. I wouldn't buy something special; a piece of an old bread or cutting board would do.. Even something for the wood pile. Just not soft woods - and I'm afraid I'd include carving woods such as basswood (limewood) as too 'soft'.

| 16 August 2017 12:24

I enjoyed this video, I like making things that are simple but effective. Chris could you please mention the type of wood you are using to build these scratch stocks. For example is it hard wood, oak? Could I make it out of 1x2 birch from my local lumber store?

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