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The 'Cut of the Carver'

In this short series I'll dig into the heart of carving skill and pull out 5 priceless techniques or approached that should be second nature. If you don't do these things already, practise until they become continuous habits and - I promise! - your carving will take a quantum leap in excellence.

Starting here: this is it; the cut that you really, really, need to master...


| 27 December 2014 04:01

Chris, nice video demonstration.
So slicing diagonally means the carving work is presented with less surface area (thinner chisel edge), which translates to less resistance an easier cut (less force).
Have I overlooked anything in my understanding?

| 08 December 2013 10:14

Can't under estimate the value of this lesson. I took up carving about 3 months ago and have watched dozens of utube vids but never found any thing as good as this, really this is where carving starts for me, I'm halfway through a gargoyle project and to be honest I think I would have given up carving without this lesson. Thank you Chris :)

| 12 October 2012 08:08

Read this in your book and never appreciated your point. Hearing you explain it made a much bigger impact. Thank you.

| 05 August 2012 00:05

Good job, Chris.... Can I have your autograph?????!!

| 23 June 2012 00:49

Bravo Chris & Carrie! Brilliantly grouped and illustrated series of lessons. The thoughtfulness of your devices (from the wedges right down to the contrasting black toothpick) is bested only by the clarity of your explanation. The dark recesses I find myself dug into, would be much darker without your seemingly tireless efforts. Thanks again

| 21 June 2012 04:32

That slicing cut really makes the difference,especially in rough places like knots and so on.This is a very important video.

| 20 June 2012 08:59

Great Lesson Chris

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