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4 Cavo Relievo part 1

Cavo relievo really begins with the outline.

In this lesson I show you a way of creating a deep, dark, narrow trench all around the subject. Look out for the 1/16in. 2mm chisel that I use to hoick out the waste. It's short and tough, and home-made.

Subscriber download: Cavo-Relievo Flower Working Drawings (PDF)


| 10 March 2014 09:35

Ann - Alas, we never filmed carving the bee... I thought the flower was enough to show the method so you could work on your own itaglio designs.The main thing is getting the outline, then finding a simple way to carve the lowish relief inside. have a go! Start with something simple.

| 09 March 2014 15:45

Chris, would love to see the intaglio of the bee! Not easy it seems. It certainly would complete the paddle series...

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