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6 Finishing

Removing the carving from the backing board entails splitting the paper that made up the middle of the 'sandwich'.

The tool for this is a spatula of some sort. You'll see me using a paint scraper and a kitchen spatula. These tools come with square edges and I thin these (ie I add a little bevel). Don't create an actual cutting edge; it's easy to push into the wood by mistake, rather than splitting the paper.

And take care initially to find that paper in the joint; you should feel it as much as see it. Keep the spatula as flat as possible against the backing board. Work all round the carving. Don't lever!  

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| 23 June 2021 13:41

Thank you Chris, really enjoyed carving this. It's true what you say about carvings at one stage looking a mess - I can't remember the amount of times I've abandoned projects feeling dismayed that it's looking so bad and feeling I would never be able to carve properly! Particularly with basswood projects it seems with me. It was reassuring to hear you say just to push through.

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