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1 Introduction

In these workshops I make a simple, kneeling-type, meditation stool and add what I'm calling 'Unusual Scripts'.

They're not, of course, 'unusual' to those who use them! But to us more used to the Roman tradition - alphabets based on Trajan - we can easily miss out on a written world full of wonderful shapes and characters.

I’ve taken the symbol Om (Aum) as my paradigm, first as used in Tibetan Buddhism and then in the Devanagri (sanskrit) you see in yoga circles. And what better place to put them than on meditation stools?

My aim is to show you that it doesn’t matter what letters, symbols or characters you are carving, you can see them simply as shapes. The techniques of letter carving are only so many. You just need to apply them where they are needed. 

In this introductory video I look at the construction of the simple meditation stool. If this doesn't interest you, just take away the knowledge that carving characters in any script is possible and  readily achievable, and run with your own ideas and projects.

Subscriber download: Meditation Stool and Unusual Scripts
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