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5 Curves

Carving the curves here is similar to carving them in other alphabets.

If you are not sure about the method, go to the directory on the left and click on Lettercarving, top level. In the individual videos in the lower half of the page, you'll see 'Carving Curves' 1 and 2, and 'Choosing Gouges for Curves'.

This wood was really, really hard! Normally I sweep my gouge around the curve in a smooth motion but with wood this hard I needed to marry a series of slice cuts.

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| 28 June 2019 16:03

Very Brave of you to allow us to see that chip come adrift Chris. You could so easily have shown us any one of the other curved letters OK. However, I may not have been carving for long but, I have been making furniture in Oak for more than 60 years and I can tell you Oak is probably the worse timber of any for this to happen. It's as if the fibres of the Oak tree are so hard and strong they forgot that it too needs plenty of Lignin (the glue that holds it all together) in order for it to do so.
When I carved the Egyptian Man last winter, whilst carving the coils of the skirt I arrived at a point when, if my wife had not been watching, I would have put an axe through it!! Ten minutes of storming round our field kicking what ever I could find and I was once again calm enough to continue, but, it was VERY close.

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