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7 The Bill

We can now set in the edge of the bill and then undercut it as much as we need to make the effect when the cap is placed on a table, say.


Before the setting in and undercutting, I scraped the top side of the bill. Unfortunately we don't have video of this short step in the carving, so let me say a few words here:

  • Don't sand the bill, even though his may be tempting. Sanding will give a smooth, shiny surface and lose that sense of fcotton and fabric. Rathers, scrape the surface:
  • You can find a general lesson on woodcarvers scrapers, making and using them, here
  • At the beginning of Koi 7, you'll see my using the 'scissor scraper'
  • Scrape downhill. Your scraper should have a kee enough edge to produce a shaving.


| 06 April 2018 07:04

Derek - Thanks very much for those kind comments!
This undoing of the screw, especially with mallet-use, can be a problem. I've never used a lock nut as you suggest but, instead of sandpaper, I sometimes put a piece of non-slip carpet underlay between the carving and the platform and that seems to do the trick.
My platforms are also lined with cork (tile) and that minimises the slipping too.

| 05 April 2018 09:46

Hi Chris,
Your instruction, explanations and demonstrations are excellent as always, just as the inspirational high level of skill and experience you possess and share expertly & generously with us members.
I was just wondering if you've ever tried using a lock washer when using the larger carver's screws to help prevent the carving from the tendency to spin when carving. I've had to contend with this issue when cutting (especially with a mallet) in the opposite direction of "tighten" when using the screw. I've heard of using sandpaper between the wood & the holding platform but am reluctant to take the chance of any grit possibly damaging the edges of my carving tools.
I haven't tried the lock washer yet & am considering it.

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