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5 Details

Details: you need to add these in the right place and the right time.

Which is when? Certainly not at the beginning; details go in last, when the forms are in the right place and properly 'articulated' (joined and flowing together). If you have to recarve and take away details, you've put them in too early.

Because 'details' are mostly surface decoration, so to speak, practise on spare wood first if you not sure of the best way to carve them.


| 26 May 2019 11:43

Thank you, Chris for another wonderful tutorial.

I have a saying on my wall, too. “Time you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time.”

| 11 March 2015 13:30

Peter - I have a notice on my wall that says "I don't want to be in the future looking back and thinking I wished I had started now..." So at least you've joined, now! The apple is an exercise; I'm not really interested in the apple as such - indeed; we could carve it better. I suggest you invest in some limewood - check the ads in the Woodcarving magazine for blocks - and try it again. You'll make a better job and be much quicker.

| 09 March 2015 22:01

i wish I had joined the Woodcarving work shops before I had started my apple . The videos are so much more helpful than seeing the project on paper in the magazine, which is to be expected.
I think I have done a reasonable job, though I did cheat along the way. I planed my wood into a cylinder. I couldn't get hold of Lime - had to use a piece of harder wood.
I still have my leaves to finish, the stalk to make and to put a finish on the apple.
Thank you Chris

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