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3-legged Stool of Woodcarving

For me, this is one of the most important ideas on this website. 

The 3-legged stool metaphor doesn't just work for woodcarving; it works for any craft. Read it as: Materials, Technique (Tools) and Design. Pottery? Metalwork? Basketweaving? Whatever, we must integrate these elements into what you are making if we are to be successful.

So you need to think about them, about what you understand by them and study how they must work together, and the 3-legged stool image brings this home.


Having made the video I felt there was more to be said. So, I am writing 3 Blogs to unpack these elements further and in a way that will help you think about them.

Appearing 1st August, September & October 2022, you'll most easily find the blogs through the home page, down the bottom. Click any of the current blogs and you will be taken to the blog directory.


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