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We love showcasing our members carvings; after all, getting people to carve is what Woodcarving Workshops is all about! In the gallery you’ll see a wide range of carvings, from novice to advanced; each one the result of time and effort, inspiration and dedication. We value them all!

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Chris & Carrie

Turning Saw

Project Owner: Adrian Burleigh
Type of Wood: Hickory, Birdseye figured Maple, and Ipe
Finish: Linseed Oil and Turpentine
Dimensions: 12"


This saw was a special birthday gift project for my oldest brother who told me he really would like to have a good old fashion turning saw. So as I was looking around at different designs for one, I decided to have a little fun with it by fashioning a Woodpecker into the tensioning peg. The frame is made of hickory. As I tested out the saw I found that it is often useful to grip the frame in place of the knob handles to control a heavy cut or sharp turn. So I carved grip contours to both sides depending which hand is operating the control of the saw. The brass blade holding rods are from Gramercy. The primary handle I turned out of a piece of Sea side Mahoe stump. The smaller secondary handle was turned from a piece of Granadillo . It is from a deck plank that was scrapped from an old heavy equipment trailer. Many of the shipping containers and heavy equipment skids here are made of these super dense tropical hardwoods because of their oily resin and high wearing capability. It is commonly used in the Latin American truck freight and ship decking too. The tensioning peg was carved out of a piece of birds eye figured maple so I assumed this wood species was appropriate for the design shape. The thimble is carved out of a piece of Ipe. The saw, as are most of my pieces, finished with 3 coats of a linseed oil and turpentine mixture

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