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We love showcasing our members carvings; after all, getting people to carve is what Woodcarving Workshops is all about! In the gallery you’ll see a wide range of carvings, from novice to advanced; each one the result of time and effort, inspiration and dedication. We value them all!

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Chris & Carrie


Project Owner: Robert Hornback
Type of Wood: Mahogany, ambrosia maple, African black wood, pink ivory wood
Finish: Polyurethane
Dimensions: 7.5” x 15.5”


Euterpe was the Ancient Greek muse for music. Col legno is a violin musical term for "playing with the wood” - i.e. the back of the bow. I saw an old picture of a similar piece from 70 years ago. I decided to give it a try, making a few design changes and giving it a name. I like this is an unusual piece.

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