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Sketching and Drawing Part 2

Here are some tips that I share with my students:

Most important of all:

1 Stay light: Relax!


2 Paper needn't be from an art supplier: for lots of rough sketches, check out rolls of wall-lining paper for a good, cheap option.If you can, use paper that has a 'tooth': a slight roughness that grips the pencil as it passes. Paper with no tooth, such as printer paper is quite difficult, even unpleasant, to draw on. 

3 Pencils (UK nomenclature') HB is ‘normal’—middle softness. H numbers are hard and produce a sharp, light line. They progress ever harder towards 5H, extremely hard. B pencils give softer, darker lines and again progress to 5B, extremely soft. 

2B is my favourite and I tend to use it for everything. However, do get a range from hard to soft and experiment for yourself.

4 Erasers: It isn't 'cheating' to use an eraser, just another means to an end. But try not to end up wholly reliant on them. 

That's it! Paper, pencil, eraser. Intention.


Thoughts & Guidelines
These brief notes apply as much to drawing something in front of you as something from your imagination.

1 First light, gesture lines. 

Use the pisiform bone at the corner of your wrist. Feel free to turn the paper around.

These first light lines should block out the main proportions and features; outlines, flows and rhythms. Don't put in the details! Those will fall in place later. 

2 Only when you feel your lightly-drawn lines are in the right places, then start strengthening and adding shadows. 

3 Ask yourself: 'What do I need to know for my carving?' '

Should you make a second drawing to the side, or back?' 'Will my drawing tell me what I need to know in a few months' time?' 

4 Write notes to yourself, reminders, on the drawing 

5 If you have never drawn before: practise making lots of repeat curves and S's, using fingers, wrist and arm—smooth and relaxed. Use the ball of your palm opposite the thumb to get smooth lines. 

7 If you want symmetry, or to clean up your efforts: you will find a light-box useful. Alternatively you can tape your drawing to the window with a fresh piece of paper over it...


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