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Celtic Magpies

Publishing: 20th January 2018.

Chris's drawing is based on other Celtic and Pictish animal designs; a Celtic Magpie as such doesn't exist.

Trivia: Chris' surname, 'Pye', cames from th bird 'Magpie', which has always been a favourite of his. (The bird is a 'Pie', meaning black & white - as in 'piebald', 'pied-piper' etc. It has a personal name: Maggy Pie, like some other birds such as Jack Daw or Robin Redbreast.) So we could call it a Celtic MagPye!

Anyway, in this workshop Chris carves 3 iterations:

  • Line carving , which might look the simplest but does requires a steady hand
  • Intaglio version, a relatively easy way to carve in relief. 
  • Decorative 'frosting', which is plain good fun and adds dimension and color to surface carvings.