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'Waisted' Letters

This video is taken from the Pizza Paddle project and shows me carving uprights with 'waists', ie. thinner in the middle of the straight element rather than parallel sides.

Also, here's a good way of holding flat board to the bench without clamping.


| 04 March 2017 15:16

Thanks Chris. I have been practicing and having a lot of fun doing so.
I would like the book as a reference but as you said there is so much information here.

Thanks again.

| 04 March 2017 09:25

Peter - I'm afraid I have no say over the distribution of the book and what copies are available 'out there'. I believe it's being reprinted using a new digital process but can't say when it'll reappear.
You could write to the publishers? (

The book is great but what we have on this website covers a lot of the material. We don't cover letter forms of, say, the fundamentally important roman alphabet; but that information is readily available in other books and online. It's very important to draw these letters to understand the shapes you are carving.

On the practical side, here you can SEE me doing it, and that's a huge advantage.
Start with the Lettering DVD - there are downloads and tool lists. Then just do it! Get the basics under your belt by repeating over and over again, then move to other projects on the site; all of which should be readily do-able to you. The lesson about choosing gouges for letters means you'll never be at a loss working out the tools you need for particular fonts.

| 01 March 2017 22:00

Where can I buy the book. I've seen prices of over a hundred dollars at Amazon.


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