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4 Carving the Leaves

Four corners, each exactly the same.

Each corner has a central boss from which 3 leaves radiate. The whole thing is built up step by step with a series of cuts - the essence of decorative woodcarving - which you can follow here. If you want to see the process in different detail look at the DVD I made with Rob Cosman, shown in its entirety on our site.

To make the leaf design 'work', everything - lines, flutes, everything - should radiate from the central boss. Don't be obsessive, after all it's hand work, but do think 'radiating' all the time.


| 12 January 2015 22:01

Dermot - A lot depends on how you use the tools; for example, levering and scraping with the edge dulls them quickly. If you are regularly stropping then you only need to be checking for bevel flatness AKA cutting angle. So you might go for weeks without touching up a particular gouge on a stone.

| 09 January 2015 20:33

Chris, I've enjoyed these leaf carving videos, thanks. Just wondering how much mileage you might expect to get from a properly sharpened chisel. When carving the complete mirror surround do you find you need to touch up the chisel keenness often?

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