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9 V tool


| 01 February 2015 12:09

Dermot - When you use the V tool, you are effectively carve freehand; the lines gives us something to work to.
When you cut with gouges, you work directly with the sweep of the gouge; it's not 'freehand', and much more precise and repeatable. That's the main reason why lettering, for example, is best done with gouges. Most setting in is onde with gouges too. Here, I'm just making the point that some degree of hand-working is 'friendlier'; we don't need to be too exact in the outlining. If we did, we would pick up a wide, straight chisel to create the square precisely.

| 29 January 2015 21:04

Chris, you say that this decorative carving isn't precise in nature. What would you consider precise carving work, which project would you suggest where precision is required and appropriate tolls used ?

| 25 October 2012 08:58

Klaus - Give it a go! Yes, I think I use the V tool because it's quick; also for the tapering cuts in and out of the centre seem easier; and also a habit I have of 'lining in' with a V tool before setting into prevent grain being 'wedged' out. But there are always more than one way of doing things and a chisel would no doubt do the job, probably more neatly (at this depth lining is is arguably not necessary).

| 22 October 2012 21:59

Hi Chris,
What are your thoughts on doing these cuts, including the outline, with a straight chisel similar to the techniques used in letter carving. What is the advantage of using the V tool. Speed?

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