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1-2 Introduction

This is the DVD called 'Ornamental Carving' that I made in 2007 with Rob Cosman. It's quite long (2hr. 9mins) so we've divided it up along the lines of the DVD chapters. Rob plays the part of intelligent layman and I walk him through the whole process, start to finish. I don't speak to camera, just to the guy next to me.

The DVD was originally made in 3:4 aspect ratio. This site plays in widescreen aspect. Thus we are all a bit stretched. But this doesn't affect the quality and content. I've retitled it here, 'Corner Leaves' because the work focusses on a lovely and very adaptable decorative motif and, although the tools and techniques I use here are applicable to many sorts of other work, 'ornamental' carving is really too wide a remit for what you see here.

Woodcarving Workshop members can download a sort of 'cheat sheet' below: a PDF document of notes that I used in teaching this carving and for the original DVD. Well worth doing and following the lessons with these notes. Then have a go!

Subscriber download: Notes on Carving Corner Leaves


| 27 November 2012 22:19

Chis' teachings, agreeably, clearly show technique. But more importantly, inspire creativity and a deep desire to apply the learned skills to our individual expression. I think this a great gift in an educator. Thank you Chris!

| 18 October 2012 22:45

Rob Cosman summarizes all of our thoughts when he states that "I was not only impressed with Chris' work, but his ability to teach it." Thank you Chris & Carrie as I too continue to grow with your unique and generous help... cheers Deb & Robert

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