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3 Finishing

Adding some colour. And for the colour I used old fashioned 'milk paints', which are rapidly becoming my favourite. When you buff them with very fine wire wool they come up looking polished, somewhat like enamel.

Made in the USA, here is a link to the original company:, and from there you can no doubt find distributors.

Safety Note: Between the candle and the wood of the candlestick you need to have a metal barrier of some sort. Never have a candle directly on the wood: melting wax can soak into the wood which then can act as a wick. Trust me - I've seen wooden candlesticks aflame! You can get brass plates, such as I use here, from woodturners suppliers.


| 04 May 2018 21:16

Bill - You'll find these sorts of brass candle plates (holders) used a lot by woodturners so I'd search woodturning suppliers etc online.

If you are now competent at sharpening your carving tools, you've made a big first step. The next is to get thoroughly into carving itself!

| 01 May 2018 22:59

Hey Chris Bill Ellen here. I am in the process of doing this project with the basket weave but I am having trouble finding the the protective plates. I wonder if you could be specific on where I might find them.

My time at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is over and I am back home in Missoula. At one of our critiques Peter ask me if I had accomplished what I had set out to do as a fellow. I told him that I now felt competent at two things Sharpening my carving gouges and doing the layout for the barley twists and rope twists. My time in Maine was wonderful.


| 26 January 2015 13:53

Dermot - Carve it for the Members' Gallery! The 'milk paints' I'm using here are quite extraordinary. I've only been using them the last few years but they have become a favourite: beautiful polish after wooling and lovely colours - and, yes, very hard; quite wear resistant.

| 25 January 2015 17:33

We saw a candle stick in a cafe, melted wax on the table, candle at an angle, burning the dried flowers in a vase on the table ! Amazing project, the weave is beautiful. I like the deep paint colour after wire wooling, It looks very hard, does it chip easily?

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