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4 Egg on Toast

Egg & Dart in all its forms is a terrific looking moulding, so it's a pity not to find a use for it even if you don't want to carve it around the edge of a table or fireplace!

Here's a great weekend project, what I call an 'Egg on Toast' board. 

I saw the idea originally in Norway: a board for the bread or toasted 'fingers' with a hole to take the soft-boiled egg. The hole was also used to hang the board between breakfasts.

I've given the basic platter a carver's remodelling by making the board look like a piece of toasted bread and adding the eggs and darts along the botton edge.

The pattern for the project, along with notes about suitable woods, is in the download. Link below.

PS - Don't stop the video after the end credit...

Subscriber download: Egg, Dart & Toast Working Notes
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