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4 Bead and Reel Bowl

As long as you can get an astragal moulding into something, you've got the potential to carve it. It doesn't have to be a bowl like this, it could be an open dish. It doesn't even have to be a bowl!

This project was a bit of an experiment form me. I think you'll agree the end looks good but getting there was a challenge! The 'normal' astragal moulding runs straightwith the grain of the wood and has flat sections (fillets or quirks) on either side of the half round - all of which makes working on it quite straightforward. With the bowl, I swapped the fillets for deep grooves and had grain passing through a full 360º...

But it's do-able with care and a nice challenge. You'll need sharp tools (what else?) and slicing cuts; and a triangular punch with a flattened end, which you can make from a bolt. (See here for notes on slicing and here for how to make punches.)

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