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2 Pea Moulding

We've seen the basic movement for carving the 'peas' here when we carved the centre 'buttons' or 'bosses' in flowers elsewhere on Woodcarving Workshops.

The pea moulding is a great little exercise in coordinating movements. Indeed, when I began carving, it was the very first thing my teacher had me doing!

With a little bit of synchopation, you can turn the pea moulding into 'bead and reel'. It's fair to say that the 'true'form of this moulding has both different shaped beads, which are sharper and more compressed, and reels which are more elongated. It's easy to switch from the form we have here to the more classic form. 'll put notes about these in the download (below)

Subscriber download: Astragal Mouldings - Notes


| 19 February 2021 09:34

Thanks I will check those out and yes coming up with different ideas is the ultimate goal.

| 19 February 2021 09:04

Joseph - That sounds like a good exercise! (The other great one is lettering.) I've covered the most common ones here but, as you guessed, there are other things to do with astragal mouldings. If you put 'floral astragal moulding' - images - into a search engine, you'll see little flowers are something you could have a go at, very French/Italian. Check out the makers of plaster mouldings as well for ideas.
And here's the challenge: how about inventing something new?

| 19 February 2021 02:19

My warm up routine on a lot of mornings is to carve 12"-24" of astragal mouldings While not the most exciting work I do feel like it has improved my feel for the tools and created some muscle memory. Is there any reference sources for any other astragal designs that maybe you have not shared yet. I feel like these are great skills to have in my tool chest.

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