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10 Undercutting

Undercutting: Cutting away wood beneath the edges to create lightness, drama and shadows.

The rule: Make sure all your forms are finished and where you want them to be before you remove wood from beneath. You can't put it back!

I love this stage. Still a lot of hard work to do but we're on the final run and the impact of our undercutting is huge and satisfying.

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| 16 September 2022 06:22

Bruce - These are just simple white cotton gloves from which I cut the thumb and first too fingers stalls, and often used by painters and decorators and come in various thicknesses.
You can probably get them locally but if you search online you'll find them readily available, often in packs.

I say more about them in the workshop: Videos > Carving Matters > Keeping Carving Clean

| 15 September 2022 17:21

Link to the source of the gloves please

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