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8 Top Leaf Turnover

A nice feature of the carving is the top leaf which curls over towards the front - a 'turnover'.

It's a 'nice feature' because visually it forms a sort of roof to the image: your vision drifts up from the face of our green man, propelled by the lines emanating from the forehead, reaches the turnover and then comes back down to his eyes. So the turnover keeps you on the face. Yes, it's deliberate! (For fun, redraw the top of the carving without it and 'see' the difference.)


| 04 July 2015 17:56

I've pushed the leaves back and down which has given me a better approach and has allowed me to get under the turnover better. I'll send you pictures when I 'm done.

| 01 July 2015 16:43

Guy - Time for a pep talk I think! Seriously, this is not the easiest of carvings and getting it right first time is a big expectation. Apprentices used to spend years on this stuff, so you may need to try a few times - and that'll be worth the experience. And good for you at having a go - just keep at it. On the more practical side: round over the heel on your shortbents so that the surface is a slick curve from the blade round to the edge. In this fashion they have been called 'turnover gouges'. See if that helps.

| 30 June 2015 21:27

Wow Chris, I've really been struggling with this turnover, mainly the under cutting. I have all the recommended spoon gouges I just can't seem to get them in at the angle they need to catch the wood. I'm not sure if the leaves in front are still to high or to close, or both.
frustrated Guy.

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