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4 Focusing part 1

We now begin a 'second pass' across the carving: pushing that bosting further, strengthening the forms and deepening the shadows. In this lesson, it's the top half of the face that gets the treatment.

Remember: keep everything soft and unfocussed at this stage. No undercutting yet.


| 28 May 2015 12:03

Ann - Sorry if that wasn't clear. You create the 'eyeball' shape, then you create the eyelids on this, effectively making a low relief of them. The inner junction of the eyelids come together at the little dot (Actually called the 'caruncula', our vestigal third eyelid). Turning to the outside junction: the upper eyelid is further forward, more prominent, than the lower because of how a real eyeball sits in its socket. For us, the upshot is that as it passes to the outside this upper eyelid can morph into a leaf. You create the upper eye lid first and extend it, turn it, into a leaf at the side of the eye. Then set in the lower eyelid and bring it up from below. Hope this helps! If not, try a sketch model of this part of the carving?

| 25 May 2015 15:00

Chris, I'm having trouble seeing how the top eyelid comes out between the focusing done here that left it rather eyeballish and the later focusing work on the leaves that merge into the eyeball. I feel like I've missed a step. Is the upper lid lined out of the bosted eyeball area? Any illuminations ?!

| 27 December 2014 15:22

Matthew - I've made a note for a future download update. In the meantime, and perhaps an even better idea, is to pause the video on full screen where you have some particularly desirable view and print off a SCREEN SHOT. If you are not sure how to do that, you'll find ready answers in google.

| 27 December 2014 07:32

Chris, could you add those (2) profile pictures to the drawing section! I thought that was an extremely helpful example. This has always been my favorite carving you have done, I can't wait to start my own!

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