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6 Bosting part 3

Relief carving essentially involves compressing the depth dimension. This gives us a single point of view (POV) that 'works', that appears correct.

The shell is a nice little challenge here and it'll really help if you carve the snail with it positioned from where you expect it to be viewed. I have moved mine to a carvers' post. The curving lines of the shell appear elliptical as they pass behind. Look at your carving from the correct POV and feel for these lines; sense whether they look right from your position. If they don't look right, that's great: it means you can sense what is. So, adjust and keep checking. Take is easy, not too much wood at a pass, and use your model as a guide.


| 16 June 2013 12:24

Chris, I've watched several times the main videos, which are great, but I wondered if either I'm missing something or could ask for something: a guided tour of the whole snail from every angle: the back, the side, underneath, etc. I think it could be very instructional and helpful. Thanks!

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