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10 Surface Detailing

I hope you see here that I'm not just marking the surface in a bland sort of way but trying to get the texturing to do some work: defining the midline of the snail.

Before you start, try out your punches on a spare piece of wood. See yourself as a painter and the tools as your paintbrush.


| 25 January 2016 10:29

Glenn - I've never actually used a punch designated for leather but I would think you could. The wood I'm using is a lot softer than some leathers I've seen! Do let us know how you get on.

| 24 January 2016 16:04

I'm in the U.S. and am having a difficult time expanding my collection of decorative carving punches. Is it possible (or feasible) to use leather punches for the background of a relief carving?

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