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5 Modelling the Leaves

Here's our chance to get as much interest as possible into the leaves.

It may be that real oak leaves don't look like this, and we are giving them a little of the 'acanthus look' in the way we treat the veins, but our leaves are going places and probably exude more of the energy in an oak tree than the real ones! 

Subscriber download: Oak leaves and Acorns - Working Drawing and Tool List


| 22 November 2020 18:24

Cecil - Actually, I do. Put 'upside down' in the search box, top right, and your'll find a few videos where i talk about this.
Also look at: Techniques > Outcome of the Tool. Here I discuss all the different things you can do with a gouge. A really important aspect of learning to carve is seeing that as an extension of your hand, gouges do an amazing number of things.

| 22 November 2020 00:03

Looks like u use ur gouges upside down quite a bit. Could u address this technique a bit. The pros and the cons. Thanks.

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