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4 Modelling the Acorns

'Modelling' here means refining what we have bosted in; making a second pass; deepening shadows and being more definite in what we are looking at.

We bosted from the leaves to the acorns. In this next stage we are travel from the acorns to the leaves.

To make the acorns stand out, we have to take wood away from around them. (I like to think of this as a law of relativity!) Use the thickness of wood to get depth - it's all you've got to play with.

Subscriber download: Oak leaves and Acorns - Working Drawing and Tool List


| 22 December 2020 08:38

Just wanted to say that it is a real pleasure to see
a true craftsman like yourself work. Your use of the tools,
foresight into the project before you even start,
and the way you make it look so easy carving such a hard wood.
I learn something with each video I watch. My compliments!

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