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3 Bosting the Acorns

In the last workshop we gave the leaves the 'big picture treatment. Now we turn to the acorns.

The drawing on the surface of the wood is flat, two dimensional. To get beyond this we need to visualise the acorns in three. If you can't quite see it, make a little model from clay or Plastilene.

And remember the rule: 'Form into space'. In other words, don't just cut wood way, use your tools to find and follow the surface of your acorns with your tools.

Subscriber download: Oak Leaves and Acorns - Working Drawing and Tool List


| 22 November 2020 18:19

Cecil - Thanks! Sometimes I think the same... I wish I had access to this website when I started. It would have saved me so much time working out the best way to do things...

| 21 November 2020 23:42

So far so good. U r firstly and excellent teacher and woodcarver. Wished i could have apprenticed with u. Lol.

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